Water confidence

Water confidence is for toddlers aged 2 1/2 years upwards. This s not a mums and baby class, mums can stay dry in our classes as our instructors are water based!

upto 5 toddlers per 20 minute session working in the foundations of swimming; floatation, rotation and submersion.

Hayley, our lead water confidence instructor is amazing with the little ones, so whether your little one is terrified of water or a keen swimmer, our water confidence classes have a lot to offer all children.

We follow the ASA award scheme for duckling awards and offer an incentive for the children in the class!

We teach basic paddle in this class and no stroke technique, as children need to swim efficiently before introducing stokes. 

We have had many 3 year olds achieve 5-10m unaided in water confidence so if you have a keen swimmer water confidence will help them too.

Water confidence is £7.50 per lesson - with an exceptional water based teacher a maximum of 5 in a class and a whole lot of fun!